Development Diary – Project ONE #2

Today I’m going to once again talk about building the systems in Project ONE, a side scrolling shooter game in development under the direction of Benjamin Tovar. This time, I was going to get into the gritty details of spawning of making bad guys for our faux-moving environment, but after some consideration I think that section will be more fun if we can actually blow them up, and to do that we need a player.

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Development Diary – Project ONE #1

Hello! So I’ve decided to kick off a new series of blog posts wherein I detail some of the specific challenges and solutions in my various projects. The goal here is to provide a resource for my fellow students, as well as provide a record of things I have already done that I can call upon later. For the sake of sanity, I am usually going to assume the reader knows some basic fundamentals of programming and game design.

Today I’m going to talk about building the systems in Project ONE, a side scrolling shooter game in development under the direction of Benjamin Tovar.

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Fun with Particles!

Last semester I made my first ever particle system by hand… three of them, actually! My instructor felt the need to tell me that these were the best in any of his classes, so I figured I should share them with y’all. They’re not honestly much to write home about, but they would work in a more cartoon stylized game. Playable version below the cut!



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@Clint But you always seem so happy, it’s just a case
of the blues, you’ll be fine in a day or two.

@Doug Dude, #depression doesn’t go away in a day or two.

@Clint Oh come on, it’s really not bad.
Other people have it a lot worse, you know.

@Gerald So what? #Depression is caused by
chemical imbalances, you know.

@Clint Smiling and thinking happy thoughts
will make it better! Don’t Worry! Be Happy!

@Rachel Well akuna matata to you, too.
I’m glad it’s so easy for you to be happy. #notsarcasm

@Clint It’s your choice to be like this.
You’ll be fine after a drink.

@Gerald Alcohol is a depressive.
Don’t you ever stop and think? #notsureifserious

@Clint Now you’re bringing ME down.
STOP IT! If life is so bad, just go kill yourself.

Star Crossed

Episode One


It was funny how things work out, he thought to himself. Then he thought this was a horribly cliché thing to think, laying there as he was in his rack, with her body snuggled close to his in naked defiance of the jungle planets oppressive heat. She was going to get him spaced one of these days, he was sure. He’d known it, too, the moment he met her, but to be perfectly blunt about it:

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Challenge, Accepted! #1 – organic modeling

So, my homework assignment in 3D modeling was to render out a toy. I don’t know about y’all, but I didn’t bring any toys to the dorms, ’cause I don’t think I’ll ever see them again if I had. But I brought my official badge of geekdom, a small bag of polyhedral dice.

“If you’re waiting to ask about the dice, they’re too simple,” my teacher had said.

“What about if I also do the bag?”

“The bag is too complicated, it’ll take forever and use too many polygons to fit my criteria,” he replied.


Nae's Dice Bag

Nae’s Dice Bag


You were saying? =^.^=