Yes, I’ve got a smart mouth, whatever gave you that impression? :}

So, I hear it’s customary to open a blog with a bit of information about yourself. While I’ve also seen that this isn’t strictly true, I figure I might as well as throw it out there. It gives me practice in writing bio pages for later!


And by later I don’t mean too much later, but not exactly forthcoming Soon™ either. No, by later I mean in a couple of years, when I’m finished with school. I’m attending the fabulous Academy of Art University. My major is Game Design, and I focus on business and technical skills more so than art.

I don’t really consider myself much of an artist. Instead, I think of myself as an artisan – a craftswoman, dedicated to a technical skill that creates something whose form and function merge. The final products of my labours will largely be digital, entertainment media ranging from movies to television, from video games to apps for smartphones and tablets. By mastering math and code, polygons and textures, I breathe life into screens found in homes, pockets, and workplaces – and hopefully bring joy and productivity along with it.

Of course, it will not be easy, especially for someone like me. We like to think that “inalienable human rights” is self explanatory, but the sad truth is, for far, far too many people, this is just not the case. I especially look to an industry dear to my heart, the video game segment of the wider entertainment industry (and if you think these are totally different, you are misinformed at best), and I note that far too many people in it continue to make games for adolescent boys, because they are still adolescent boys themselves.

But I promise guys, I don’t have cooties. :p

And if you need convincing of my sincerity, well, join me in Firefall, and say hello to my plasma cannon. >:}

Sooo, yea. Gosh, talking about yourself is hard. Like, no, really, I’m not sure what y’all are going to think is interesting or noteworthy beyond what I’ve posted thus far. So, let’s make a lil agreement here, shall we? You ask, and are not a douche-bag about it, and I’ll answer.

Deal? Deal!


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