@Clint But you always seem so happy, it’s just a case
of the blues, you’ll be fine in a day or two.

@Doug Dude, #depression doesn’t go away in a day or two.

@Clint Oh come on, it’s really not bad.
Other people have it a lot worse, you know.

@Gerald So what? #Depression is caused by
chemical imbalances, you know.

@Clint Smiling and thinking happy thoughts
will make it better! Don’t Worry! Be Happy!

@Rachel Well akuna matata to you, too.
I’m glad it’s so easy for you to be happy. #notsarcasm

@Clint It’s your choice to be like this.
You’ll be fine after a drink.

@Gerald Alcohol is a depressive.
Don’t you ever stop and think? #notsureifserious

@Clint Now you’re bringing ME down.
STOP IT! If life is so bad, just go kill yourself.



Insidious exceptions, like cancerous tendrils, seep and propagate,
conspiratorially towards the next compile.

Each new extension I mint, no matter how I massage the syntax,
has some new error, some new vertex sized wound.

No matter my cleanliness in iteration,
despite the supposed godliness of my debugger.

Maya, you shifty, ponderous beast,
Why, oh why, do you so love to corrupt my scene files?


I have a home,

There are many like it, but this one is mine,

Lovingly tended to make sure the facade is fine,

But sometimes I pass by the Castro,

And I walk past other homes, row upon row,

Their facades are weird, their loving care applied inside,

Compared to mine, where the facade covers what I hide,

Are they brave? Am I wise?

Sometimes I went to war with myself, staring in the mirror as I shout,

But I don’t any more, I decided it was time to turn my home inside, out.