Challenge, Accepted! #1 – organic modeling

So, my homework assignment in 3D modeling was to render out a toy. I don’t know about y’all, but I didn’t bring any toys to the dorms, ’cause I don’t think I’ll ever see them again if I had. But I brought my official badge of geekdom, a small bag of polyhedral dice.

“If you’re waiting to ask about the dice, they’re too simple,” my teacher had said.

“What about if I also do the bag?”

“The bag is too complicated, it’ll take forever and use too many polygons to fit my criteria,” he replied.


Nae's Dice Bag

Nae’s Dice Bag


You were saying? =^.^=



Insidious exceptions, like cancerous tendrils, seep and propagate,
conspiratorially towards the next compile.

Each new extension I mint, no matter how I massage the syntax,
has some new error, some new vertex sized wound.

No matter my cleanliness in iteration,
despite the supposed godliness of my debugger.

Maya, you shifty, ponderous beast,
Why, oh why, do you so love to corrupt my scene files?