Development Diary – Project ONE #2

Today I’m going to once again talk about building the systems in Project ONE, a side scrolling shooter game in development under the direction of Benjamin Tovar. This time, I was going to get into the gritty details of spawning of making bad guys for our faux-moving environment, but after some consideration I think that section will be more fun if we can actually blow them up, and to do that we need a player.

So, we shall begin there, but there is one more important thing we have to do first… Continue reading


Fun with Particles!

Last semester I made my first ever particle system by hand… three of them, actually! My instructor felt the need to tell me that these were the best in any of his classes, so I figured I should share them with y’all. They’re not honestly much to write home about, but they would work in a more cartoon stylized game. Playable version below the cut!



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